Introducing a range of pasta made from whole beans and lentils!

Made from 100% whole green lentils,  one ingredient, our pasta has 14 grams of protein and 17 grams of fiber for every two ounce, 56 gram serving.

It is made in a dedicated facility and is certified gluten free, kosher and vegetarian.

This pasta cooks quickly:   penne and elbows in 4 minutes; the spirals in 7 minutes.

You can serve Pasta Legume pasta hot, or cold, and it is still good the next day.  In fact, when we do product tastings in stores, we prepare the salad one or two days in advance.

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Pasta Legume supports family business and farms; the lentils we use in our whole green lentil pasta, are grown on family farms in North America, milled by a family owned mill, pressed into pasta by a small family run pasta presser, packaged into boxes we buy from a small family owned flat folding box company and brought to stores by family owned, regional, distribution companies.

Oh, I should also mention that we are a family owned business and do our best to support people with food allergies, diabetes and children with other special needs.