Made in a dedicated gluten free facility

Cooks quickly:

Elbows and Penne cook in 4 minutes

Spirals cook in 7 minutes

Our lentil pasta can ALSO be used in cold salads; the Penne and Spirals are easily re-heated; and the salads can be refrigerated for at least four days after preparation.

INGREDIENTS:     100% Lentils

We use a 2 ounce/56 gram serving size to make it easy to compare to conventional pasta.

Certified Gluten Free; Kosher and Vegetarian

Only 5 points on Weight Watchers

14 grams of protein per serving.

17 grams of fiber per serving.

Certified Gluten Free



Low Glycemic Index

Grain Free

Wheat Free

Rice Free

Corn Free

Nut Free

Peanut Free


Dairy Free

Egg Free

‚ÄčNo Fillers or added fibers or gums